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Becoming Sensual


Becoming Sensual Journal cover

The Becoming Sensual Journal focuses on the development of our ability to fully enjoy our senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. In our case, being sensual means having the pleasure of using your eyes, your nose, your skin in the physical world. Indulging your senses in things around that makes you feel physically good should lead to perceiving of the outer world in a nicer, more qualitative way.

For example, some people like wearing silk scarfs because when they touch the fabric, it effortlessly slips over the skin and creates a delicate feeling. Aromatic candles can create an atmosphere of coziness and smelling fresh flowers promotes wellness. This journal will encourage you to enjoy all little things available to you every day.

Journal pages will be created gradually, so please feel free to choose and adopt only pages/topics which resonate with you. You can insert pages in your journal wherever you want. There is no specific order of pages. Just enjoy it! :)

​Tap into your most sensual self:

- Become more Appreciative of Experiences

perceived by your Senses

- Seek to find Enjoyment in all Things around

- Experience more Pleasure in Life

- Feel at Peace with who You Are

- Radiate from the Inside Out

- Embody your Femininity in all its Magnificence

- Self-love, Self-worth & Appreciation

Becoming Sensual journal - back cover
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