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...make your soul happy
by appreciating your uniqueness & enjoying your life
...and you will glow from inside out...

Do you know yourself?
Can You See How Unique You ARE?
If not, then The Time to
  • Know yourself from different angles
  • Discover things about yourself you have not noticed before 
  • live more authentic & fulfilling life
is right now
Young Women
If You have that inner calling and feeling to
- transform your life
- undertake self-discovery journey
- Focus on your personal and spiritual development

You are at the right place!

especially if all parts of this course resonate with you
and you are ready to commit to the change,
you can start this amazing journey here.

    This is Your Life...and its quality matters!   
  Would you agree?   
    Know yourself better, use your strengths & uniqueness to live your life fully & passionately!    
  Once we start appreciate our uniqueness and who we are, the Quality of our Life Improves

Course Details
The 'Being Unique is a Blessing' course consists of 2 Stages
which are designed to achieve Your 
Unique Self Discovery
(mainly via journaling)
when we try to change a situation, external circumstances,
other people & anything external
but nothing works and we feel like a failure,
we are forced and
challenged to find change internally

(our perception, belief, attitude, interpretation, reaction)

Are you Challenged too?
Ready to change yourself, your beliefs and approach with Anna?
About Anna

Meet Anna

Empathetic, intuitive, loving

Course Author & Journal Designer

Dr Anna Nova is a highly motivated, enthusiastic people person with a good mixture of analytical thinking & creative problem solving skills. Passionate about her personal and spiritual growth, keen on knowing and experiencing more while enjoying her life & driven to add a value and celebrate life, Anna also recognised her abilities to empower, uplift and motivate people around.

Anna's transformation course
is a program which helps you holistically to:
  • Love & Accept Inner Child (Anna has developed the A.N.N.A™ approach)
  • Empower & Embody Femininity in all its magnificence
  • Dive Deep into Inner Self & Do Inner Work
  • Blossom Inner Beauty
  • Enhance Self Worth & Growth
  • Appreciate Experiences Perceived by Senses
BONUSES (illustrated below):
  • Free Printable Journal Pages to build your Self Discovery Journal
  • More Personal Guidance through group or 1-2-1 calls possible
Journal Page

Course outline

Course Outline

Unique Self Discovery

Duration:  6-12 months

- deeper inner work


Blossoming Soul

Mind, energy, emotions

Get to know yourself on a deeper level and let your inner beauty blossom:

  • Deepen your connection with your authentic self & discover your uniqueness

  • Nurture your own inner well-being by doing the things that light you up from inside

  • Enjoy experiences through a person's character rather than by appearances

  • Focus on quality of your life &  self-awareness

  • Seek out ways to be comfortable being yourself

  • Let your inner beauty & qualities shine

Output: Printable Journal Pages


Becoming Sensual

Body and external environment


- Become more Appreciative of Experiences perceived by your Senses
- Seek to find Enjoyment in all Things around
- Experience more Pleasure in Life
- Feel at Peace with who You Are
- Radiate from the Inside Out
- Embody your Femininity in all its Magnificence
- Self-love, Self-worth & Appreciation

Output: Printable Journal Pages

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Being Unique is a Blessing

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Being Unique is such a Blessing

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