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...make your soul happy
by appreciating your uniqueness & enjoying your life
...and you will glow from inside out...

Have you stopped dancing & Enjoying Your Life?
Do you need help to See how unique you are?
The Time to
  • Be Passion Driven
  • Keep Own Cup Full
  • Improve life quality
is right now
JANUARY 2022s.png
Young Women
If You have that inner calling and feeling to
- transform your life
- add passion and quality
- Focus on your personal and spiritual development

You are at the right place!

especially if all parts of this course resonate with you
and you are ready to commit to the change,
you can start this amazing journey here.

    This is Your Life...and it's too precious too waste!   
  Would you agree?   
    I see your desire to be empowered & live your life fully & passionately!    
  If you do one thing that your heart desires daily, you will not waste your life!   
  Start this with our
Free Stage 1

Course Details
The 'Being Unique is a Blessing' course consists of 3 levels
which are designed to achieve Your transformation
- To Appreciate Self & your Life!
Essential Level 1 - Keep Your Cup Full
(bring your focus back to you)
Vibrant Level 2 - Life Vision
(focus on your life vision & quality)
Intense Level 3 - Unique Self Discovery
(deeper inner work)

when we try to change a situation, external circumstances,
other people & anything external
but nothing works and we feel like a failure,
we are forced and
challenged to find change internally

(our perception, belief, attitude, interpretation, reaction)

Are you Challenged too?
Ready to change yourself, your beliefs and approach with Anna?

About Anna

Meet Anna

Empathetic, intuitive, loving

Dr Anna Nova is a highly motivated, enthusiastic people person with a good mixture of analytical thinking & creative problem solving skills. Passionate about her personal and spiritual growth, keen on knowing and experiencing more while enjoying her life & driven to add a value and celebrate life, Anna also recognised her abilities to empower, uplift and motivate people around.

Her life journey changed in 2010 when Anna had a car accident in which her vehicle landed upside-down. With regained consciousness after a short moment, the first thought that appeared in her mind was:

"You still have a mission here..."

Nothing serious happened to her but she took it as a second chance to discover own uniqueness, audit her life, improve its quality and live it differently. Now she is ready to help others to do the same.

Anna's transformation course
is a program which helps you holistically to:
  • Map & Audit Life
  • Improve Life Vision & Quality
  • Discover Passions
  • Love & Accept Inner Child (Anna has developed the A.N.N.A™ approach which will be introduced in Stage 2 Advanced & Stage 3 and used across the whole course)
  • Empower & Embody Femininity in all its magnificence
  • Dive Deep into Inner Self & Do Inner Work
  • Blossom Inner Beauty
  • Enhance Self Worth & Growth
  • Appreciate Experiences Perceived by Senses
BONUSES (illustrated below):
  • Video with powerful mantras (advanced: mantras customised by you) (Level 1/Stage 2)
  • Dry Erase Magnetic Life Audit & Vision Board 1 (Level 2/Stage 4, see in our shop)
  • Dry Erase Magnetic Dream & Achieve - Actions Board 2 (Level 2/Stage 5, see in our shop)
  • More Personal Guidance through group weekly calls (Level 3)
  • Free Journal Pages so nicely designed Self Discovery Journal gradually built by you (All Levels)
Our Tools

Course outline

Essential Level 1: Keep Your Cup Full


- bring focus & energy back to you


Design your Cup

Stage 1

Duration:  1 day/1 YEAR

This is your life and it is too precious to waste! Would you agree? You desire to be empowered & life your life fully & passionately. If you do one thing what your heart desires daily, you will not waste your time life!

Output: 12 printable journal pages coloured by you - new motivational journal page available each month for the whole year - colour the number only if you did at least one thing you love on that day!


Daily Boost

Stage 2

Duration:  1 month

To fill your cup means to replenish your mental, emotional, and physical energy by giving time to yourself, feeding your soul and recharging your batteries. This stage focuses on this concept and also provides a 10 minutes long video with powerful mantras which will help you to focus on yourself every day.

Output: 10min long video

Beautiful Girl with Afro

Be Passion Driven

Stage 3

Duration:  1 month

Explore your passions and find the reason to jump out of bed every morning. Doing what you love, pursuing your passion and be paid for it can give you the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment, especially if you know that you contribute to the world with the things you really care about.

Output: Printable journal pages which will show you summary & results of this Stage once completed

  • Committing to personal change is  exciting & satisfying 
  • Having power to change own life story to be more interesting and  Joyful  is  Liberating 
  • Possessing queen mindset Living  the best version of self
     with grace, bravery, and thoughtfulness  is necessity
Stage 1 is FREE, 14 days money-back guarantee
Course - Level 1
Course Outline
Course - Level 2

Vibrant Level 2: Life Vision


- focusing on your life vision & quality

Girl 1 written.jpg

Empower your Vision

Duration:  10 weeks

Stage 4

Life Audit & Vision! Analyse your current life and situation in 8 key life areas by using maps designed by us. Using the passions discovered in Stage 3 and powerful techniques, design and map your life vision, your goals, dreams, traits and possibilities. Create a powerful visualisation base.

Output: BONUS Dry Erase Magnetic Life Audit & Vision Board 1 (designed & supplied by us) & Vision supporting Journal Pages


Spread your Wings

Duration:  1 month

Stage 5

Identify your area of focus, start working on yourself, take actions. Be motivated to achieve and change your direction. Spread you wings fully and enjoy your passionate life.

Output: BONUS Dry Erase Magnetic Dream & Achieve Actions Board 2 (designed & supplied by us) & Actions supporting  Journal Pages

Course - Level 3

Intense Level 3: Unique Self Discovery


- deeper inner work


Blossoming Soul

Stage 6

Duration:  3-6 months

Get to know yourself on a deeper level and let your inner beauty blossom:

  • Deepen your connection with your authentic self & discover your uniqueness

  • Nurture your own inner well-being by doing the things that light you up from inside

  • Enjoy experiences through a person's character rather than by appearances

  • Focus on quality of your life &  self-awareness

  • Seek out ways to be comfortable being yourself

  • Let your inner beauty & qualities shine

Output: Printable Journal Pages


Becoming Sensual

Stage 7

Duration:  3-6 months


- Become more Appreciative of Experiences perceived by your Senses
- Seek to find Enjoyment in all Things around
- Experience more Pleasure in Life
- Feel at Peace with who You Are
- Radiate from the Inside Out
- Embody your Femininity in all its Magnificence
- Self-love, Self-worth & Appreciation

Output: Printable Journal Pages

Women on the Beach

Being Unique is a Blessing

Our Extraordinary Transformation Course

Contact us

Transform like a Butterfly

There is an old saying:

Butterfly is perceived as a symbol of transition and transformation which can also be seen to:

  • ease the way through change creatively and with a kiss of beauty

  • whisper of time for personal growth & awareness of hidden potentials

  • emphasise movement in life

  • fly gracefully above the barriers

  • speak of happiness, vision & next stage

  • emerge when the time is perfect

  • live each moment to the fullest

  • represent color and vibrant expressiveness


Feeling of being the caterpillar?


Then feed your soul and endeavor to live each moment to the fullest. Dance like a Butterfly, invoke the butterfly energy within and enjoy your journey!

Do you have your antenna?


FACT: Butterfly has one antenna to sense the world with. When the antenna is lost or broken, the butterfly cannot fly or navigate properly.


Is your antenna fully working or does it need some boost?


If it feels like the antenna is broken, let us guide you until your antenna is recovered

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