"One of the first steps to happiness is deciding that you want to be happy and knowing what that means."

Julia Roberts


Dr Anna Nova is a happiness facilitator & researcher.

Anna has designed a happiness model called 'Like a Diamond'.

The model is easy to understand, visualise and follow.

This masterclass will introduce this happiness model and allows you to explore your own happiness. No secret recipe to your ultimate happiness is shared but rather happiness as a skill of the mind which can be learned and improved on is explored. Our aim is to inspire and motivate you to enhance this skill.


Anna has created and designed a workbook which can be used to explore and improve your happiness skills. The digital workbook has over 40 pages. The advantage of the digital form is that you can decide which pages you want to print and how many times. The aim of this workbook is to bring awareness to your own happiness and also give you feeling that you can control your life and your happiness. By exploring and tracking your own happiness you will build own happiness book which you can use at anytime in future  to raise your emotional vibrations.

Anna holds a doctoral research degree and the ability to conceptualise, design, and implement innovative artefacts is one of her strengths.

Details will be available at the end of July

If you have not decided yet but want to be reminded closer to time