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Grandmother and Granddaughter
Grandmother and Granddaughter the cultural inheritance &
treasure within...
...keep that strong bond with your grandma
alive in you...
...learn how to grow the seed she planted....

For loving granddaughters

with wonderful grandmas

Once upon a time there was a very happy little girl who loved spending beautiful summers at her grandma's house because the house was full of light, love & sweet cakes...the house under a rainbow bridge where everything was possible...the girl felt love, care and kindness which got encoded deeply in her own heart...
...grandma's warm words telling stories full of magic and miracles were enlightening the girl's fantasy and taking her into the land of dreams...
Happy Little Girl
Reading a book
Watercolor Flowers
Play in the forest the girl's world, all 'big' people in grandma's house seemed to be so perfect...
...all those wonderful moments when the little girl escaped into the nearby forest where all trees were whispering the song that resonated with her soul, or all those snowing battles, all those exciting games and all those adventures with her friends made her life so magnificent and incredibly beautiful...
Little girl's grandma has become a bit like her friend when she needed to share a secret, a bit like her mum when she was hungry or did not feel well and a bit like her partner in 'crime' when she was rebelliously discovering the world and its possibilities...
Dancing Child
​The bond they created was strong, the love was unconditional and ever lasting...


grandma was girl's true soul bestie
...and the little girl loved her grandma so much for everything she did in her childhood
...Her Grandma was the Most Precious gift the life could give her...
Coffee Time
But the little girl has grown up and her pure heart & soul had to take some life lessons...
she could not spend that much time in her grandma's house anymore but her childhood memories always made her feel happy, loved and grateful...
Initial Heart Necklace

Precious Gift?

There is a saying:
"A grandmother is a remarkable woman. She's a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love"

Most likely your grandma played an important role in your life!

  • she spoiled you and loved you

  • she supported you

  • she would give you everything she could

  • she was always there for you

  • she thought that you are special


Not everyone has grandma present in their life so if you are the lucky one who remembers own grandma and could spend time with her, feel privileged!


It is one of the best gifts of life to have grandma in your life while you are a child or even later! You can create such a strong bond of unconditional love that is hard to compare with anything else

Would you agree?


By appreciating,  honoring and praising your grandma's presence in your life, you can empower your life and perhaps become a good grandma one day too.


Do you feel connection with the little girl? Did you find yourself in the story?
I did! I loved my grandma!

So I decided to support all loving granddaughters
who have that
inner calling to spend time & energy 
to focus on their Grandma & their Bond
  in this programme
---- The Precious Gift of Life - My Grandma ----

  • imagine that you create a journal about your grandma which is such a powerful artifact which can bring joy to you or your family and keep her legacy alive for next generations
  • imagine that you keep your grandma's presence in your life by empowering the cultural inheritance you possess
  • Imagine that you cherish the treasure which your grandma created within you
  • Imagine that you cultivate & nurture the seed your grandma planted inside of you

our programme includes 
3 options:


Option 1:  JOURNAL

Option 2: 1-2-1 Support

FREE Resources

Get inspired by our FREE videos and resources to create your own journal about your Grandma

Guided Journaling

Create your journal about Grandma with our guidance and/or our editable journal template (printable journal pages, labels, questions)

1-2-1 with Anna

A nurturing & nourishing session with Anna if you need or want more personal, support

Empathetic ear to listen

Healing Session

Emotional support and healing session with Anna if your grandma has become an angel in Heaven

Empathetic ear to listen

6 months deeper inner work - small group of women

FREE 15 min CALL

A FREE 15 min discovery call with Anna about this package and how you could benefit from these items

Self Development

6 months long deeper inner work to discover and nurture the inner part of you shaped by your grandma