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Vision Boards (Dream & Achieve)

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Our Dream & Achieve vision boarding technique is based on Feng Shui

(Feng Shui is used to harmonise people with their surrounding environment with good Chi, an imagined form of "energy", Source: Wikipedia)

Our vision boards are divided

into 8 key life areas

to ensure that you focus

on all important aspects of your life

(we used Feng Shui - Baqua to derive

the key life areas for our vision boards):

  • Love & Relationships

  • Hobbies & Creativity

  • Travel

  • Journey & Career

  • Spiritual Growth & Self-Awareness

  • Family & Home & Health

  • Prosperity & Abundance

  • Success & Fame


You can use our dry erase magnetic boards which are very flexible and can be placed on your fridge (to be seen regularly) or on any magnetic board (if preferred to be used more privately). We offer two designs which can be used independently but also together as they can be used as complements. You can explore their use in next section.

If you prefer to create your own vision board, you can download the guide how to do it here.

There are several ways to use vision boards so please feel free to use them in any way that suits you. Different ways would work for different people. Our vision boars can be used for personal goals, but can be also used by family, couple or used for business or projects.


We are going to propose you a few tips

how to use your vision board or map:

  1. Do not try to fill every key life area at the same time, some areas can be filled easier, some of them take time to be elaborated

  2. Thinking about your possibilities, dreams or goals would give you feeling of control over your life and would help you to discover your self.

  3. We see goals as your life milestones you would like to achieve via your actions, dreams as something you wish to have/possess/happen, and possibilities as life bonuses which could make your life nicer if happen.

  4. Try to imagine yourself once you achieve what you dream about or wish for, do you have a feeling of fulfillment and happiness? If not, think about it again!

  5. Sometime the continuous progress and small actions can bring us more happiness than achieved goal or dream (shortcuts can help you to achieve things faster but might not give you long-term feeling of satisfaction with yourself).

  6. Things which do not belong to you only hardly can make you happy.

Goals & Dreams Vision Board
This map allows you
to write your goals, dreams, possibilities in provided bubbles
  • magnetic dry erase whiteboard (A3 size)
  • simply Place on your fridge or A magnetic SURFACE
  • Free Black Marker Pen with Eraser cap
Goals & Dreams Vision Board
Goals & Dreams Vision Board
Actions Vision Board
This map allows you to describe your possibilities or use images/Photos
For better visualisation
  • magnetic dry erase whiteboard (A3 size)
  • simply Place on your fridge or a magnetic surface
  • you can use magnetic push pins to hold images
  • Free Black Marker Pen with Eraser cap
Actions Vision Board
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