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Keeping journal is a great idea, you can do it for fun, self-discovery or  memories. Writing down your thoughts & feeling or express them via art & images are some ideas for your journaling. You can add your photos with small descriptions to enrich your journal. Discover your Journaling Corner, connect to yourself while journaling and allow yourself to be authentic. Your journal will never judge you for your words, ideas, pictures, feeling and thoughts.


The most important is to do it in a way that brings you JOY!

We are working on developing different types of journals:

  • Our 'Becoming Sensual' journal focuses on our senses and our interaction with the external world

  • Our inner development, inner child and inside world are explored in our 'Blossoming Soul' journal

  • Visualisation is supported in our journal 'MY GOALS, DREAMS AND POSSIBILITIES JOURNAL'

  • Theme-specific journals will be designed for fun & relax, covering various topics such as flowers, cats, dogs, etc.


Our journals are not fully pre-designed, we are going to create journal pages gradually. We are going to use ring binders so pages can be inserted into journals at any time and at any place. You can watch our journaling videos on our YouTube channel.

What to do next:

  1.   You can decide which our journal you feel the most attracted to (or you can follow all our journals)

  2. You can decide how many journals you would like to keep.You can start one and add another journal later if needed. It is perfectly fine to keep and mix all pages in just one journal.

  3. We set a specific topic and design journal pages. You can decide whether you are going to create own journal page for this topic or use our journal page. our journal pages will be available in in our (Digital) Journal Pages Shop for digital download (Terms of Use apply).

  4. You can keep just one journal and insert  (or more if you wish) and feel free to add/mix pages from our journal as you wish. Each journal will be documented and journal pages will be available

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