My Goals, Dreams & Possibilities Journal Completed

This journal is going to accompany you on your self-development journey.

It is a bonus of our 'Transform like a Butterfly' course for instant digital download.

Do you have goals, dreams or possibilities you would like to achieve or bring into your life to make it more interesting, passionate and fulfilling?

If you answered yes, then this journal can help you to visualise and achieve things.

It can grow as you need and be customised for your needs. It is divided into 8 key life areas and you can include only areas/pages you need. You can decide whether you are going to print a certain page or not or whether you print it more times. You can include as many visions/ goals/ dreams and possibilities as you wish.

You can include actions, notes, progress photos or final result pages if you wish so but it is up to you how you are going to build your journal and what pages it will have.

There are no page numbers at the bottom so you can number pages in your own way.

Instructions and video on how this can be done are coming soon.

Enjoy every moment of your life and allow your journal to accompany you.

Have fun and do not forget to reward yourself for your achievements,

regardless of how small you think they are.

And remember, your journal will never judge you for your

words, ideas, pictures, feeling and thoughts.